Intepon Co. Ltd (Intepon) was established in 2009, specilized in design, mass production and marketing fiber optics parts, fiber components, module and sub-assembly, which widely used in telecom, instruments, sensor, laser industry, boi-medical and military etc.
Our excellent professional founder team makes us keeping advanced industry steps with world customers, with more than 10years experience in the industry, we build state-of-the-art product with high quality, cost-effective and high reliability, we're the partner you can count on.

We concentrate on various fused and micro optics alignment products, including high-end fused solution, PM fiber components, minisize devices, hybrid devices, high power components.

We play skillful from design of fiber optics, crystal, prism, filter, various optical parts matching and co-working, to assembly devices, modules.

Our commitment to customers and suppliers make us keep longterm good relationship with the partners, we regard all the resources are our survival and growth.